Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taylor Swift’s New perfume Wonderstruck and where to buy!

Hey girls and to all Taylor Swift fans. I am very excited to hear that Taylor Swift’s new perfume is already out in the market.

I was just seeing her ad on YouTube and all of a sudden it’s available in Amazon. I so want this perfume. This got a lot of good reviews. They said that the scent was sweet.

Here is the video that I saw on YouTube:

How could it not be sweet? I think this perfume was inspired by her song “Enchanted” which I am very excited to see.

I really want Taylor swift’s Wonderstruck perfume, not just because I’m a fan, but I have been searching for a perfume that would suit me and this might be the one for me.

I found a link on her perfume! I’ll try purchasing on Amazon. Though, I know I’ll probably wait for a long time till I get my order but it’ll sure be worth the wait. LOL.

Here is the perfume, it looks so cute, and it actually looks like a potion to me.

I found that you can get it in different oz.

Here is the 3.4 oz:

Here is the 1.7 oz

and lastly the wonder ball roll on thingy...

I super hope that they'll ship it to my country as fast as they can because I don't like waiting for it. I'm so excited when I saw this! I bet this smells like flowers or just something really sweet.

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