Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Long Hair: Keep it or Cut it?

I really wanted to cut my hair this week, but I was thinking what if I regret it after I cut it? I’m planning to cut it short, but then of course I’d look like a kid if I have short hair.

Seriously, if you guys have seen my hair before when it was short, I looked like a little girl. It runs in our family. Once you cut your hair short you’d automatically look ten years younger ( Joke!)

But seriously…

My sister cut her hair short when she was pregnant with my nephew before because she said it was hot, and she was having this mommy issues, and of course when you become a mom you are compelled to have a mommy haircut. It’s like a motherly instinct!

And…I’m not making sense am I? LOL

Anyway, I have a second option though, so of instead cutting my hair short, I plan to just have lots of layers on my hair, and reshape it. Basically, I wanted to have a V-shaped haircut.

But then the thing there is my best friend has to perform her talent on my hair!
I mean, she is good when it comes to fish tailing my hair, and as well she invented the NEW FISH TAIL BRAID.

That’s right people…We are going to do a tutorial on that soon!
(Wahahaha…) Wahahaha…

So my final decision is to KEEP MY HAIR! FOR NOW!...If I get tired and bored with my hair soon then my long hair is going to go bye bye….

That would be in about 2

Hair facts:

They said that it is best that you don’t shampoo your hair everyday because you’d get a really dry hair, which is not so good. Sometimes dry hair can lead to split ends, and of course it is hard to manage a dry hair. Though the advantage of having a dry hair is that if you curl or iron your hair it is going to last longer than having an oily hair.

So here’s the thing: Only shampoo your hair every other day. Other people and a lot of makeup gurus I’ve hear over again and again on YouTube saying that they don’t wash their hair until three days because they want to keep the natural oil on their hair.

It may sound gross not washing your hair for days, but it really makes your hair look healthier.

Though this also depends on your activities daily. If you are like me or the rest of us that works at home, or you barely get out of your house, or you hardly go out ,then this option might be good for you.

But if you are working outside, you are doing field work, you are going to school then washing your hair everyday is necessary. It’s always nice to get a cool bath after a long day’s work.

I'm writing so informally today! LOL. More pics to come!

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