Friday, June 10, 2011

Passion to write

I was really inspired to write today! Well this is more of like a blabber.
It’s basically me being myself.

I was watching this movie Killing Bono that really inspired me. That movie was played by my favorite actor Ben Barnes.

Well, his story was he was being trying to be a famous rock star, but it never worked for him, until the guy that he owed money from discovered that his gift was really being a writer.

It really impressed me to write back again. I mean I am writing every day. That’s like my job, but in such a way that I am more inspired to write.

Writing has always been my passion. I can express myself better when I write.
There’s just something about writing that I like. When I was in high school I’m really fond of writing. I even won an essay contest.

I choose to compete with the writing stuff because I really didn’t like the declamation competition.

My teacher was really enforcing me to do it, but I feel like a crazy lady who is trying to act. I mean I wasn’t bad. My teacher said she saw that there’s a potential that I can act, but I wasn’t that confident at that time.

Every day, I would write on the things I want to happen, and the thing that happened. Even on my bags find folded papers with my writings on it. I always have a piece of paper with me to write about my thoughts and ideas.

I have a notebook to where I write all my songs, the chords and stuff.

I want to be really more passionate on writing….This is just an introductory of my journey to writing!

Check these book out! They could ignite your passion for writing :))

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