Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taylor Momsen Makeup Inspired Look- Tutorial

Hey guys so today I did a Taylor Momsen Makeup Inspired look.

I had fun making this look! I saw her pics and some of her music videos, and I always stare at her makeup. Haha..

I like how she can pull off dark Smokey eyes. It does complement her blue eyes.

So I kind of recreated the look, this is something that would fit my eye shape.

I made it very easy to do. I only used 4 colors!

Which are: Black, Brown, and White also kind of like a skin toned shade.

And of course one of her signature look is her red lips!

So I tinted my lips with the Scarlet Red from Ever Bilena!

Also, bare with me...I'm testing out the lighting's!

See the pictures here! Click to enlarge!


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