Friday, April 8, 2011

What Causes Pre-mature Wrinkles

The key to eternal youth is within your decision because it lies on what you do and how you treat your skin everyday. The common issue that the younger generation keeps winning about these days is that they quickly develop pre-mature wrinkles because of bad habits and they don’t really have a good skin care routine.

So What Exactly Causes Pre-mature Wrinkles?

Dry and Flakey Skin

If you notice that if you have dry skin, you tend to breakout quickly, and of course it’ll eventually lead you to having pre-mature wrinkles around your eye area and on your mouth area as well. That’s why it is very important that you hydrate and moisturize your skin.


Not only smoking is bad for your health, but this is one of the main reasons why teen-agers nowadays develop pre-mature wrinkles, thus making them look a lot older than their present age. So if you want to maintain that nice fresh youthful glowing look on your skin, then QUIT SMOKING. You may not notice it now but wait until you reach 30 and you’ll know what I mean.

Mr. Sun

We all need D vitamin from the sun, but too much of it can cause skin cancer. You see, when your skin is frequently out and open to the sun's UV rays, enzymes collapses the collagen, which is the core that provides your skin its tight youthful appearance. So when it ruptures down your skin is going to look saggy and wrinkled.

Repetitive Expression on Your Face

Didn’t you know that if you constantly frown a lot you tend to build up wrinkles on your forehead? So, word of advice, Stop it, woman! Whatever it is that you are frowning about it’s not worth getting those hideous wrinkles. You’d be shock by this, but if you repetitively smile or even squint you’d develop fine lines. I’m not saying that we should have no facial expression at all, just be normal but don’t over do it.

Up next I’ll be writing on how to prevent pre-mature wrinkles and how to cure them if you have them now.

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