Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Style 2011- GET THE LOOK

One thing that I like about Vanessa Hudgens style here is that, she kept it simple, but the way she mixed and matched her clothes together, made her whole attire looked extra fabulous.

This kind of outfit is ideal to where to anywhere. Though, in my vicinity if you went out, let’s say to the mall looking like this they’d think your super fashionable already or you’re not from here. (Whahaha...)

People are going to stare because no one goes out looking like this everyday! People, who have tried to dress up like this, would know exactly what I’m talking about.

Click on the image to enlarge:

Here’s what you’ll need to similarly achieve this look:

Try to find:

1.A long sweater – Ask your mom, If she has one or either dig in into your grand mother’s closet. I’m sure they’d have this vintage knit looking sweater somewhere. If they don’t have, then buy one! You’ll usually find this on the Ukay-ukay because they are known to sell this kind of sweater.

2.A tank top- You should use this to put inside your sweater because you need the extra coverage, except of course if you are going for an indecent look then, go ahead. No, I’m kidding! Dress up in a way that people are going to respect you hun!

3.A neat and a chic scarf for extra ornamentation.

4.A pair of skin jeans. It would be best to pick on the ones that sticks right to your skin or the well-fitted kind.

5.Taupe/brown Boots- It’s all about the boots! Boots can automatically amp up and turn your simply attire into something fashionable. That’s why boots are a must-have fashion item.

Hair Tip: You might want to put your hair up in a bun or either ponytail it since you are wearing a scarf, you don’t want to look stuffy. You might loose your neck! LOL so make it still look visible by keeping your hair away from your face.

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