Monday, April 4, 2011

Who is Rebecca Black? She is Not the Worst Singer in the World

If you don’t know Rebecca Black then you are missing out on something innovative this year!

She succeeded and was famous literary overnight! Her YouTube views boomed like crazy the moment she uploaded her song.

Now, I know almost everybody in the planet hates her song but I know that some of you find it really catchy don’t you??? Oh, please just admit it!

You even sometimes sing it randomly without even thinking about it. Yes, it’s creepy, but it’s true so deal with it!

Last week I check her views on YouTube it was about 32 million plus views but now when I viewed it again it went up to 81,729,433 views and probably if you go right over to YouTube the statistic of her views are going to be a lot higher than before.

She defeated Lady Gaga’s Youtube video views.

Right now Lady Gaga’s views on her Born This Way music video are just about 51 million plus and it has been advertise and recommended after every single video that you watch.

I personally think that Rebecca is not the worst singer in the world.
Now, before you judge me. Read Carefully!

Someone did add some effects to her voice and probably the song just didn’t fit her voice.

I’ve heard her sing other songs and her voice is fine.

Here listen to this interview: Copy and paste it to your browser people!

So don’t be rude and stop hating her! LOL.

It says that it was ---Written by Patrice Wilson

So any comments, questions, and issues regarding the lyrics please inquire to Patrice! LOL

Oh come on people, I think this is a fun song as well.

So here’s the song listen and I’ll provide the lyrics down below now SING ALONG!


Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Verse 1:
7am, waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)

Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?
It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin’ forward to the weekend

[Rebecca Black - Verse 2]

7:45, we’re drivin’ on the highway
Cruisin’ so fast, I want time to fly
Fun, fun, think about fun
You know what it is
I got this, you got this
My friend is by my right
I got this, you got this
Now you know it

Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
We-we-we so excited
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after...wards
I don’t want this weekend to end

[Rap Verse]

R-B, Rebecca Black
So chillin’ in the front seat (In the front seat)
In the back seat (In the back seat)
I’m drivin’, cruisin’ (Yeah, yeah)
Fast lanes, switchin’ lanes
Wit’ a car up on my side (Woo!)
(C’mon) Passin’ by is a school bus in front of me
Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream
Check my time, it’s Friday, it’s a weekend
We gonna have fun, c’mon, c’mon, y’all

This is personally for Tj:

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