Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Truth About Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is a professional makeup artist, a loving mom and a makeup guru on YouTube. She is one the most phenomenal and inspiring women I’ve ever seen online. I haven’t met her, but I know she is indeed a person that has brought joy, gladness and encouragement to many girls and her techniques on how to put on makeup are easy to follow and they work for almost everyone.

So for all of the bad things that people accused and wrote against her I am going to be the one that is going to blog good things about her. Seeing her the for first time on YouTube when she was just starting out I know deep inside that she has the potential to be one of the most looked up to and most subscribed makeup guru.

I may not know her that well but I know and I can discern a good person that has a big heart for encouraging and loving people. I was watching her recent video and I never knew that she was going through a tough time and people are just mean to her.

All I can say to the people who are saying bad stuff to Kandee is this… Back off and leave her alone! She is not perfect and she has made mistakes from the past but we ourselves are also not perfect so what makes you think that you can just accuse her of what she’s done (which I personally think she has done nothing wrong by the way) or judge her by making negative comments.

If you live such a perfect life, you are absolutely faultless and you have never ever, ever, ever made a wrong decision in your life then maybe, just maybe you can start judging people.

Oh wait! No, you don’t! Because that is just rude! Even if you are faultless person you have no right to judge anyone! So stop it! It’s not going to help you in any way. It’s not going to help you achieve your goals in life nor will it increase you.

We all live in these rules: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you “What you sow is what you are going to reap.”

Let me translate that: If you’ve sown bad things into other people lives, let’s say for example you’ve betrayed a friend or even cursed someone then guest what? You shall reap that same bad thing you’ve done to a person and sometimes even worse. It’s sounds scary but it is true!

Ok, so regarding about her making money through her videos! I have nothing against that either! In fact I am happy for her that she makes a living out of her creativity! I don’t see why people all of a sudden HATE YOU if you become sponsored! I really don’t get that? Should you just be happy for her?

It’s not her fault if companies offer her stuff!

One thing that I like about her as well is that she acknowledges God in her life that’s why no matter trials that she is going through right now, I know that she is going to come out victorious! God does make all things work together for her and our good. Because He simply loves you!

We Love You Kandee! You are beautiful, talented and God is surely going to increase you and bless you more and more this year!

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  1. I personally don't and probably will never understand all the love/hate things people do for makeup gurus. I'm not saying I love or hate her, but I don't understand people who trash/defend her without knowing her as a person. If I was to trash her right now, I'm sure I'd get a million people calling me a jealous bitch. Why? What satisfaction do you get from it? I'm not saying you're wrong for doing what you're doing. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too old...