Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Cure Congested Nose

Congested nose is one of the most annoying things that could ever happen to anyone because you can’t breathe properly, you can’t smell anything and of course your tastes buds are also automatically affected that you can’t taste anything when you eat plus it's hard to talk sometimes.

Congested nose takes place when mucus blocks the nasal channels, which might be due to a sinus virus, allergy or a cold. I notice people are catching colds lately because of the climate change.

Here are the remedies that you can follow:

1.Hot compress- Get a bowl and pour in 1 cup of hot water on it. Get a small towel or a handkerchief and soak it on the warm water and apply it on your nose. Make sure that it’s not burning hot; let it cool down a bit or just in a warm temperature that you can tolerate the heat because you don’t want to burn yourself or anything!

Leave it there for about a minute and once it’s cooled down and you can’t feel the warmness anymore you can dip the cloth back on to the hot water and reapply it again. You can do this procedure 2-3 times a day! When you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed.

2.A nose/nasal spray- This is going to thin out the mucus emissions, thus helping you to ease and alleviate your congested nose. Though, you may only use this three days at a time because if you use this for a long time it can in fact aggravate your clogging nose.

3.Water therapy- Drink lots of water! This is very beneficial because it will not only help you cure your stuffy nose but it also cleanses your body. Also, do eat hot soup and drinking teas are going to help you recover faster. Stay away from sweets for awhile because they can cause mucus sometimes and especially cold milky drinks.

4.Get an extra pillow and layer that on top of your head pillow because lying flat on your bed is not going to help at all.

5.If you have been stressing out lately take some time to rest. Try to complete a straight 6-8 hours of sleep everyday.

6.Don’t take a bath really late at night and sleep with your hair wet because sometimes that causes you to have a stuffy nose and you’ll wake up with a moisten wet pillow in the morning which is not good. So, in other words take a nice early warm bath and don’t wait until its 12 in the midnight.

7.Eat spicy foods or add spicy seasonings to your soup because this releases the sinuses and prop up a runny nose, hence curing clogging and getting rid of nuisances from the nose.

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