Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elf Corrective Concealer Review

I was really rejoicing the moment I heard that elf is now available in my vicinity!

I was like Yes! Finally civilization came! No, I’m kidding.

Well, I bought it last week and I was very intrigued to by e.l.f’s concealer.

I really wanted to try it because I want to test out the product and I would like to have an additional green and salmon concealer to my collection.

So this is how the product looks like:

It comes with four different shades, a small concealer brush and a mirror.

First off, I really do not like this concealer because it has an oily silky consistency which is not good if you have an oily skin and I don’t recommend this concealer to wear if you are going to the beach or resorts, especially during this hot summer season because it’ll just melt down.

It also does not give you a full coverage, it can cover up certain spots but it does not stay on your skin for a long time.

It vanishes so quickly. The colors are kind of off as well. If you notice the salmon shade does not look like salmon at all it’s mostly like a light pinkish color.

I’ve tried this on my cousin, since she has a fair skin and guess what? It didn’t work. It can brighten up your skin but it does not cover blemishes very well.

If you have acne, or dark spots this is not going to work for you at all.
Also, the green shade can’t over up redness very well.

The rest of the two neutral shades are fine but so far I’m not really satisfied by this product.

I will not give this a complete thumbs down because it might work for some people.
I’m looking for citizens who have dry skin to try this on because this might work for them.LOL

I like concealer brush that comes with it though because you can get into details, like concealing the inner corner of your eye, on the side of your nose,ect.

You can also use it as an awesome smudge brush tool.

So that’s it! For now you guys. I hope you find this helpful!

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