Monday, March 28, 2011

How to lose weight without exercising

This is probably the most frequently asked question by many girls of all ages: Can I possible lose weight with exercising? Well, the answer is yes! It is possible for you loose weight if you choose to eat right!

I personally want to maintain and lose weight as well! I’m actually writing this for myself too and for Jerjan and Ruby Rose and to all the people who are hopefully going to benefit from this…( Hi Gals)

Though, let me tell you, losing weight without exercising requires probably the same amount of effort and discipline because you have to eat healthy foods and watch your calories.

The only difference there is that you don’t have to go to the gym, or do crunches, or run on the thread mill. A lot of people do shed off their extra fat by starving themselves which is not good! I tell you it’s effective, but it’s “NOT” the right way to do it.

In order to loose weight without exercising you must set up a good meal plan, choose and watch the foods that you are consuming everyday. You are going to lose weight gradually using this method and this is not something that happens over night!

Also, it depends on your metabolism. Some people lose weight really fast and to some it takes weeks or even months to see the results.

There are several ways on how you can lose weight without working out:

The first one is the advice that most people usually would recommend to someone who wants to loose weight through dieting. Here we go, they say that you should eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar.

Explanation: It means that you can eat whatever you like or have a really good full packed meal (that of course includes eating carbs, protein, ect.) and even some sweat treats in the morning since that is the time of the day where you are active.

Plus, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

But during lunch time it’s time for you to eat moderately, like a normal average person would eat. Notice, that I said “normal” if eating 5-7 cups of rice is normal to you then you are “abnormal”.

I’m just kidding! But seriously, strictly 1 cup of rice will do. At night you can skip eating your dinner if you can, but for the newbie’s you can eat fruits ( choose the non-bloating fruits and go for the watery one's like water melon, etc.) or either soup.

Here’s another option: You are allowed to eat three times a day but you must not eat anything in between.

But encase you if do get crazy hungry and you are craving for a snack! Then just drink 2 glasses of water and eat a banana or maybe an apple.

Also, when you eat your meal consume just enough that you can feel you have something in your stomach to cure your hunger but you can’t eat excessively “Tame Yourself Woman”. You can do it!

Here are the optional munchies that you can devour if you are really craving for a snack:

1. Oatmeal or oatmeal cookies!
2. Peanuts (the un-salted and the non-greasy ones)
3. Fresh pop corn
4. Fresh homemade juices like lemon juice, calamansi juice, ect.

These are the drinks and foods you must “Not” eat. Everything that I am going to list down below are my favorite foods and drink so….yea!..Do the right thing by not mimicking what I like.

1. Soda
2. Alcohol-If you are drinking alcohol then just “quit” because that’s the reason why you are probably bloating right now.
3. Junk foods
4. Chocolate Bars ( You know what I’m talking about)
5. All the oily juicy foods in the world.
6. Pork.
7. Sweets.
8. White bread and all those tasty fattening pastries.
9. Avoid drinking too much milk… so by now you must learn to dislike “Chuckie.” Forget that he is your chocolatey buddy. LOL
10. Fast foods.
11. Milk Shakes, etc.

Option no. 3 is you have to pledge to eat more vegetables, less carbs, and less sweet or completely eliminate anything sugary. This is actually great because not only will it help you loose weight but also you’ll have a beautiful skin!

You’ll notice that by you eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits and water alone for one month you are going to lose weight in a healthy way and your complexion is going to clear up!

If you are willing to lose weight with out exercising then you must learn to take heed on the foods that you are eating, evaluate them and set a meal plan or simply follow the guidelines above.

Also, take it easy! Forcing yourself to do all the don’ts above can cause you to over eat because the more you pressure yourself to shun away from those bad foods sometimes you will eventually crave them even more.

So what I’m trying to say is that you can gradually cut off of the bad foods off from your diet like say for example:

This week plan out that you are not going to take in any soda and then next week cut down and kill your passion for those chocolate bars and so on. Set up a goal that can keep up with!

These options are ideal for people who do office work or your job requires you to sit down in the computer all day.

Hope this helps! Comment down below or leave suggestions and if you would like to add furthermore ideas into this article.

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