Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gypsy inspired makeup look Tutorial

So, I've been playing around with colors.

I honestly do not like this makeup on me lol.

And the idea of putting that adornment on my head destroyed the gypsy look.


Alright! Let's get Started

I've used about 4 colors: Gold, back, brown and neutral white eye shadow as my highlight.

Observe where the colors are placed:

1. Use the gold eye shadow and put that all over her lids. Put that on the inner corner of her eye and dragging it down towards her lower lashes.

2. Next take the brown eye shadow and create that v-shape on the outer corner of the eye. Wing it out a little bit to create that dramatic cat eye look to lift and extend her eyes. making it appear bigger.

3. Put the dark eye shadow on the outer corner of her eyes just to darken the brown eye shadow and drag it down on to her lower lash line.

4. Liner her upper and lower lash line/waterline with a black eye liner.

5. Curl her lashes and apply mascara on her upper and lower lashes.

6. Add false eye lashes open up her eyes. ( this is optional)

7. Clean the fall outs. ( Because the eye shadows in your palette is a bit loose.)

8. Apply concealer underneath her eyes for a more defined and clean look.

For the face:

1. Apply a liquid foundation all over her face.

2. Conceal if she has any spot or whatever.

3. Powder her face.

4. USE THE FREAKIN and apply just a little bit if blush on top.

5. Contour her cheek bones, jawline and her nose.

For her lips:

You can either go for a nice pinkish red lipstick and top it off with a nice shimmering lipgloss.

You can also use a nude lipstick and top it off with a pinkish lip gloss.

Hope this helps!

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