Friday, January 21, 2011

The Real Meaning Of Beauty

What’s The Real Definition of Beauty or being beautiful?

There's a saying that says, if the world didn't create beauty, then the world cannot define it. Do you want to know what is the real definition of “Beautiful” is? It’s not the clothes or the makeup that makes you beautiful, although it’s fun to do and to wear and it does boost your confidence a little, but it would only make you pretty but not exactly beautiful, trust me I'm a Makeup Artist.

Being beautiful is a "KNOWING" it’s not a "FEELING" neither the "Physical Appearance”. Because you could have a pretty face but if your character and personality stinks, that’s enough to make you look “Ugly” .You have to know that you’re beautiful because you are created by Beauty which is "Jesus". He is our beautiful Creator, so therefore you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I know that sometimes when you look into the mirror and you don't like what you’re seeing, we all had those times when you just don't feel beautiful especially when people say mean comments to you, on how you look, the way you dress yourself, the way you weigh. Do not let them define you.

Do you know the causes of disliking one-self?  It’s because you’re comparing yourself to others instead of just being yourself, or simply you’re not appreciating what God has already given you. So many girls struggle with this thing called "Perfection”. Sometimes girls often make a mistake by comparing themselves to models on magazine's or those girls on TVs,  and it seems like that If you can’t be or look like them ,it feels like you’re not "IN" or your just ugly and fat and different. Yea, I said that right! Isn’t that true? You suddenly feel all those negative thoughts and feelings get to you.

But you know what? I find different amazing, why? Because what if we are all the same?, we look the same, we sound the same, we dress the same, oh dear!, what would this world be? Wouldn’t it be boring and dull? .God made you and me different; He made you to be "YOU" not be someone else you see on TV. Be original & be the person that God has called you to be. There’s no one in this world that is like you!

It’s time that you stop trying to be someone else. Find yourself and accept who you really are and what God has called you to be. He loves you and He cares for you! You don't have to please any one. He's all you'll ever need.

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