Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Heatless Back to school Hairstyle-Jennifer Morrison Inspired Side French Braided Hair tutorial

So here is the hairstyle that I was inspired to re-create on my sisters hair.

Here is the version that I did on my sisters hair.

View the tutorial here: 


  1. I really love trying out French braid hairstyles. You see it is so classic that it is so fun to experiment. Thanks for these! :) And you might want these cool French braid hairstyles as well http://www.restylepro.com/blogs/news/18113119-5-ways-to-go-different-with-your-french-braid-hairstyle :D

  2. Liked it very much and the video tutorial is really helpful for understanding the setps. i wish it could be done on my own i will give it a try and looking for more such videos.

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