Friday, June 13, 2014

My Long Hair Inspiration- Angelina Jolie Made Me Grow Out My Hair Long?

Here is the picture of  Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft! Back then I didn't really have interest in growing my hair long at all. She sparked my interest in growing long hair and because of her I decided to grow out my hair long. She's also the reason why I wanted to grow my hair long down to my butt, one length, and dark. You guys should watch the movie to really get what I mean. You would see the full length of her hair there better.

I just got this images on Google by the way so I don't own these pictures.

If they ever make a new Tomb Raider Film they should re-cast Anjelina Jolie because she owns that movie. I don't think I can imagine anyone portraying that movie than her. She is just phenomenal!


  1. NO need to watch the movies again i completely agree with your point she is an amazing lady and an inspiration for many many many of us.. she is an incredible human being to think about

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