Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amazing Health Benefits of Lemon Water For your Hair, Skin & Body- Beautyklove- How to make Lemon water

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C  and it also contains Vitamin B and did you know that lemons also have Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium in it?

Now lemon water is good to drink in the morning with an empty stomach or throughout the day so you might want to use warm/room temperature water in the morning.


Lemon is full of anti oxidants and it also helps restore the damaged skin cells in your body. It will also help get rid of, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles on your face. That's why lemon water is a grand anti-aging remedy. Lemon water also purifies by washing out toxic from your blood and keeps your skin clear and glowing. Drinking lemon water constantly can help cure acne, any skin infections, and blackheads.


-It detoxifies your liver
-It'll help you lose weight
-It strengthens and boosts your immune system
-It cleanses you stomach and it helps treat indigestion
-It helps your metabolism
-It's true that Lemons are acidic but when we take in it actually alkalizes our body
-It can cure almost all respiratory diseases such as asthma.
-It can help get rid of bloating, stomach pains, and cramps.
-It gives you an immediate boost of energy and it helps your oral health by making your breath fresh. 


Lemon water can help strengthen the your hair by making your hair follicles and roots healthy. Also, this promotes hair growth because of it's a natural stimulant and also since lemons contains the essential vitamins and minerals that aids to hair growth such as vitamins C, B,  calcium, potassium, etc. Lemon water can also help treat dry scalp and dandruff because of the anti oxidant that the lemons posses which is pretty much beneficial for your scalp and if you have oily hair lemon water has the ability to reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands that is present in your scalp, thus it prevents the hair follicles from getting blocked or clogged.


  1. Hi! I found you through your Youtube channel, I love all your tutorials and I'm your new blog follower! Also this post was very insightful, can't wait to start using lemon water! xx

  2. How much lemon juice do you use? Does it have to be fresh squeezed, or will the bottled lemon juice at the market work? Do you pour it on your head and hair like a rinse, or do you wash it out? Sorry for all the questions. I just found your YouTube channel, and I love all the information you provide.

  3. Lemon water is very beneficial for our health. Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits. Lemons are very good source of vitamin C. If you have craving to drink something cool, switch your cold drink with one glass of fresh lemon water. The health benefits of lemon water are countless. Some benefits of lemon water are it helps you in digestion, detoxification, boost mood and energy or maintain your weight.

  4. It seems very logical to me because there are so many people who do so many things to stay fit and healthy. But they are not satisfied with their results. I think by lemon water anyone can manage his/her health. The most important thing is it will not give you any side-effects. Your article is the perfect proof that lemon water is very healthy for anyone. I have also found a website related to health benefits of lemon water and if you want more details related this topic, you can visit this site .

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