Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Hair Growth Oil Mask- Get Thick Hair and Stop Hair Loss- BeautyKlove

I usually buy my oils online because I can't find them in my area! 

Almond Oil- contains Omega 9 fatty acids,  Omega 6, and Omega 3  that are absolutely essential for hair growth. It is also rich in Vitamin E. It helps reduce inflammation on the scalp. it helps  strengthen the strands of your hair by creating it to be long and thick and it also helps prevents your hair from breaking. Furthermore, it has the ability to extremely moisturize your hair and scalp making your hair soft and shiny and it can help treat damaged hair. So almond oil is a definite must-have ingredient in this oil mask.

You can find the Almond Oil here: Pure Organic Almond Oil

Castor Oil-is the real deal and this is one of my favorite oils. Castor oil- can help stop hair loss, encourage hair growth, nourishes and conditions the hair, make your hair grow thicker, and it treats any scalp infection that may cause hair loss because of it's amazing antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Plus it also prevents split ends.

 You can get the Castor Oil here: Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Sesame oil- is one of the well known hair growth oils. This can increase the circulation of the blood flow in your scalp thus it encourages and promotes hair growth.  This as well heals dry itchy scalp, dandruff, and it nourishes the scalp inside and out. So as many of you know healthy scalp leads to healthy hair growth.

You can find the Sesame Oil here:  Pure Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

This hair mask oil is great to use if you are growing out your hair.  It is also beneficial if you are treating damaged hair while you are trying to grow out your hair. Plus, since this oil mask will also prevent split ends. These three oils are such a perfect combination to growing healthy long hair.  

It is a very important to have a healthy scalp because unhealthy scalp sometimes can cause your hair to fallout. I've chosen these oils because they are ideal to heal your damage hair while helping your grow out your hair and prevent it from falling.

You can use this oil mask twice a week!


  1. Where can I find the hair oil mask directions? Can you provide us with more information on how to use the mask? Loved the detailed info on the different oils. I never knew.

  2. Hi, Brenda, you can get the directions to use the mask here @

    Also, beautyklove: how long can i keep this oil if I dont manage to finish all?

  3. Hi! If I buy on Amazon do i only need to pay the price of the product and the shipping fee and nothing else? Don't I need to pay sales tax for the products? I hope you'll reply because I also can't find almond and castor oil anywhere here in Manila. I haven't tried buying online outside the country so I want to know. Thanks! Great vid by the way. You always deliver.

  4. hi how much of each oil do I use I saw ur youtube video but I dint get the quantity of each oil

  5. Hi! Which oil can substitute castor oil and still get similar results?
    Greetings from Brazil!

  6. Hi! Have you tried this with Tea Tree or Neem oil? I have heard great things about Neem oil for hair growth by clearing away bacterial and fungus like yeast on the scalp - only thing is, the scent can be a bit ugly.

  7. I just bought all the oils and a container. I hope my hair grows and looks as healthy as yours does!! How often do you apply this? How long have you been using this mask?

  8. How much of each oil should I use if my hair is shoulder length. Thanks, loving the videos on hair mask there really easy to follow and easy ingredients.

  9. can male use it for preventing hair lose?

  10. Hey there! Love ur vids btw, can i use coconut oil in this?

  11. As a replacement to the almond oil?

  12. would it matter if we did the inversion method with these oils?

  13. Nice Tips Admin i have a question that can we use these all oils at warm temperature becoz mostly people say warm oil is more better than room temperature ??

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