Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hairtalk Series 3- How to Grow Your Hair Fast- Essential Foods and Vitamins For Hair Growth

I have been asked this question over and over again on my Youtube channel, so here it is people.  I’m finally doing it for you all. 

Now, you can do 3 things to grow your hair long fast. The first one that you can do is, you can stimulate your scalp, the second one is to eat food that promotes hair growth, and third is to take in essential Vitamins to help you grow your hair fast, and using hair growth products. 

Ways of stimulating your scalp

Let’s start with the Stimulation part:

Now there are several ways to stimulate the circulation of the blood flow in your scalp, but my favorite one to do is a scalp massage. You can use the following oils that I am going to mention and you can choose which one you’d like to use to enhance your scalp massage. 

1.       Coconut oil- contains lauric acid that stops hair from breakage and it shields the roots of the strands of your hair. Coconut oil has the capability to go in the hair shaft so it can condition and moisturizes your hair follicles. 

2.       Almond oil- the fatty acids in the almond oil can make your hair soft, and it can also nourish and strengthen your hair.  It is as well a natural hair loss treatment.

3.       Sesame Oil- nourishes your scalp and it has antiseptic properties that can cure other viral problems of your scalp and sesame oil can also be used to treat dry scalp.

4.       Olive oil- Is rich in vitamin E so it moisturizes and nourishes your hair and it will make your hair grow stronger.

 The very reason why I didn't recommend to use essential oils is that because no.1 you can use it alone because you have to dilute them using the carrier oils, no. 2 it is not accessible for everyone. So I went ahead for the practical oils/ carrier that you can use alone and can be applied directly on your scalp without the need of diluting or mixing it it other oils.

Now, when massaging your hair, you can go in a circular motion or either in a squeezing motion.  If you are having problems with your hair getting messy or tangled when you scalp massage then girl, you are doing it wrong. LOL. Please have a look at the video because I showed it there on how you can massage your scalp without ruining your hair.

The second one is that you can also workout to increase the blood flow in your whole entire body because it gets all the nutrients to your hair follicles thus leading to hair growth, so you can do walking or either do cardio.  

 Foods for hair growth:

Now on to the food that helps hair growth:

You must incorporate a lot of proteins in your diet since hair is composed of protein.
1.       Fish is high in protein so it is is good for your skin, hair and it is also good for your brain as well and it can also alleviate depression.
You can eat salmon it rich in Vitamin D that can make your hair strong and it contains omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs to grow hair, since your body can’t produce fatty acid you actually to consume and take it in. You can also eat tuna or sardines.   

2.       Nuts- Preferable walnuts because they contain Vitamin E, Fatty Acid, Biotin, and copper.
3.       Eggs
4.       Soy- Vitamilk
5.       Dairy products
6.       Yogurt
7.       Beans

You should also take in foods that are rich in Vitamin C,  So you can eat a lot of citrus fruits such as oranges, guava, kiwi fruit, etc. 

Also, you should eat fruits that are high in vitamin A such a sweat potatoes, carrots, mangoes, beef liver, and squash.

Also, eat a lot of green and yellow vegetable because they contain Beta-carotene that is essential and plays a huge part in hair growth. 

Eat also foods that are rich in Zinc and iron such as soybeans, prunes, scallops, oysters, crab and chicken. 

Vitamins for hair growth

1.       Vitamin A- Stimulates the hair follicles and it also aids to hydrate your scalp and your hair, and the lack of it can actually cause dry hair.

2.       B complex- Vitamin B12 - Prevents hair loss, Vitamin B 6- helps create melanin which gives your hair its color. Vitamin B5 prevents your hair from graying and hair loss as well.

3.      Vitamin C- supports stimulation in the scalp, and as well all know the further blood that is dispersed in your scalp, the more hair follicles are stirred up to produce.

4.       Vitamin D- lack of vitamin D can cause hair loss. It also reduces stress/anxiety and depression

5.        Vitamin E- promotes hair growth and it prevents hair loss and split ends, and it can repair or mend dry and damaged hair.

6.       Biotin- Is also known as vitamin H. Is need for healthy hair because it strengthens weak hair. It improves brittle and thin hair and making it stronger.

Ask your Doctor or your Nutritionist of your daily nutritional needs so that you'll know what Vitamins to consume. Don't overdoes and take in to excess any Vitamins because there is just a certain amount of it that you can take in everyday. Remember that too much of anything is not good.


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