Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Heat Holiday Waves- Heatless Deep Big Waves

So I was thinking of having waves for Holday's and I came up with this. I just used Boba straws, elastic bands, scotch tape and of course a spray bottle of water.

You can get The Boba Straws here as well: Bubble Tea Fat Straw (50 pcs) Or here: 6.5" 50 pcs Boba Drinking Straws Party Smoothies Cocktail Milk Shakes Tea Bubble Jumbo Fat Giant. These straws are a lot!

So here are the result:


  1. Can I substitute the Boba Straws for regular or Jumbo straws?

  2. Your tutorials are really great and creative!
    I've just subscribed to your Youtube Channel ;)

  3. They kinda look vintage-ey!!Very nice!

  4. Will this look good on hair that is arm pit length?
    Love you videos!

  5. Hey, i was wondering where you buy your clothes, or what brand they are!?
    I absolutely love your shirts (never seen anything else--your videos are all waist-up haha)
    I LOVE the off-white-tannish one in the pictures above! And on your homepage of your blog, the white one! Please answer back hah!