Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Heat Curls For Beanies And The Red Shade On My Hair

So some of you have been asking on no heat curls that would go with your beanies. So here it is, also a lot of you have been questioning me on how I did my curls on my Hair routine video. So this is what I've used on my hair.

I just used the good old sponge rollers! <3

You can also get the Sponge Rollers here:
Goody Styling Essentials Foam Roller, Mega Pack, 36 Count

So here are the results:

Now, I color treated my hair using a red wine shade, but it only shows when the flash or the light, or if I'm under the sun which is a bummer. :( It actually looks darker if I'm just in-doors. If you notice if you dye your hair dark red it really does look like you dyed your hair with a black shade like until you go and under the light or the sun and then you'd see the real shade. 

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  1. Very pretty hair color and the curls look fantastic!!