Monday, December 3, 2012

2 Cute Christmas Party Holiday Hairstyles 2012- Collab with Angkikayko

So guess what? I finally did hairstyles that you can wear for Holidays or your Christmas Party and there are more coming up! This is a collaboration with Teena, A.K.A Angkikayko. I decided to do two hairstyles:

Here is the updo version:

Here is the creative version:

For this tutorial I just used, a couple of bobby pins, my hands,my hair, some elastic bands, and a Colorspray which is totally optional by the way, it's from Wish and I bought it at watsons.

Here are the rest of the pictures:


  1. I wanna do this<3 i LOVE the creative version :D
    You said there is a tutorial? but i couldn't find it :'( btw you are REALLY pretty, you have to be a model ;)

    1. Aww...Thank you! Yes, there will be. I'm just waiting for my friend to post her video as well before I can post mine.