Monday, May 28, 2012

San San Cosmetics Makeup review- Foundation, Concealer, Eye Liner And Liquid Eyeliner

Ok, so I’ve been meaning to do this review for a long time now! I just had an opportunity to do it now. These are the products that I really like to use lately. I’m from the Philippines so yea! It’s HOT! LOL. Here are the favorite products that I bought from San San Cosmetics: The first one is their foundation:
I got the shade no 1. and shade no. 3 just because shade no.2 was not available there. The things that I like about these products are: 1.It matches almost all the skin tones I’ve worked with. 2.The packaging is great. It comes in a really portable bottle that is easy to bring with you anywhere. 3.It has liquid to creamy consistency, so therefore it is easy to blend on your skin. 4.It is build-able so you can layer this foundation on your face and not worry about it caking on your face. 5.It does not oxidize at all. This really amazed me because compared to my other foundations this is only foundation that I have that does not turn dark on my skin after a while. I really recommend this to people who have acidic skin. Try it out; it might be the foundation that might work for you. 6.You get a lot of product in the bottle, as I’ve said this can last you for months. Now regarding their concealers:
Once again I got the wrong shade at first because I thought the Neutral shade is going to match my skin tone but it didn’t it was too light. So I got the beige one which was good. The thing with this though is that when it hits your skin it turns quite light. I still like it though; you just have to blend it very well on your skin. The packaging is good, and it is portable so you can carry this with you anywhere and not worry about it getting butchered or ruined. San San waterproof Eyeliner
I really like their eye liner just because this does not smudge or smear on my lids at all. It has this pen like tip so it can get to the inner corners of your eyes. Plus, this is the only eyeliner that I can put on my lower lash line and water line that I can trust that it won’t run off, especially in our hot weather here. San San liquid foundation
I so like this liquid foundation. This stays put all day, You can even put this on your lower lash line and it does not smudge. I went to our camp; it was hot and I was sweaty all day, but not a single smudge on my eyes. Also, during that night we had a concert, we all are singing, jumping, and dancing, so I was soaking wet. A little preview of the concert:
But my makeup stayed all night! The thing with this though is that it dries up really fast so you need to close the lid because if you leave it open for a long time, the product is going to dry up. But over all this liquid liner is amazing!

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