Friday, November 11, 2011

New No Heat Curly/Wavy Hair Tutorial- NOT Using any Sponge Curler, Roller, Pins, Etc. NO products Just Your Hair Alone

Hey guys,

So here are the finished looks:

The flash is washing out my face...Sorry about that!

The tutorial going to be on YouTube! I'll update it here as soon as I upload it there.

All that you are going to be needing in this hair tutorial is just your hair, and water. The curls by the way lasts for a long time. You can over night these curls, and these are not hard or harsh to sleep with.

I call these coconies! I know there is no such word, but it sounds cute that way. LOL.


  1. Hello, I'm talking about your video on my blog. I like this way of doing curls.

  2. I am soo excited I discovered your you tube channel and now this blog! Just want to say your hair tutorials rock plus you do them so amazingly well. I am so gonna recommend you rvideos to all my friends :D Followed you and looking forward to more cool tips ^.^

    Our blogs kinda sound alike, do check mine out, it would be an honour for me :)

    Maila @


  3. Hi Maila,

    Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply. Wow! Seriously your blog looks totally amazing! :)

    How can I follow your blog?


  4. Do you know any other techniques to curl hair with out any heat?

  5. Hi Keren I love your skill and the way you keep innovating and sharing your experiences :) You're truly amazing!

    I have a question:
    Once I've curled my hair for a party or something, how do I remove the curls the next morning (supposing I don't want them the next day)? How long will the curls stay if I leave on the curling process for 3-4 hours and how long will they stay If I leave the process on overnight?

    Thanks! :)

  6. hi keren how are you? It's been a week that i descover your channel on youtube and i just called you the queen of culs. You have an amazing hair but tht question is can i do the same thing for my wavy hair???pleaz answer me cause i need your help. And if you can give me advencas for how to care of my hair. And thnx.
    LOVE from Nadia

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