Friday, August 5, 2011

Peggy Carter/ Hayley Atwell Makeup inspired look/tutorial from Captain America/ Movie review

Hey guys,

So today I did a Peggy Carter/Hayley Atwell Makeup inspired look inspired makeup look.

Here are the pictures:

For the tutorial:

I only used two eye shadows for this look...

Products used:

Brown and white eyeshadow from 88 warm palette from Coastal scents.
Nichido liquid eye liner.
False eye lashes.
Ever Belina in Scarlet shade.

Here's my Captain America movie review:

I super like this movie! It is great awesome, from the story to the effects, and just basically everything.

I watched this movie with my friends, and we all liked it.

I was so amazed how they made Chris Evans Look so thin, and short at the beginning. It amazed me how our technology, and the effects are all advanced. It looked flawless.

I also, like this movie because it has good moral. the whole time I was watching the movie I was very entertained.

I also like Peggy's character because she is not so girly girl, but she still managed to look glamorous, and put on her red lipstick while she can definitely shoot the bad guys.

Chris Evans was indeed a perfect for the Captain America role. It's kind of new seeing him taking this kind of role, but he aced it.

The cast was great! Also, what I like about this movie is that captain America got to work with his fellow army. It's not like his all by himself saving the world, and all. They all worked together as a team.

The sad part though is the ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should have dated. :(

Anyway, I'm so excited for the Avengers movie next year!


  1. So nice :)

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