Monday, July 11, 2011

My hair and the doughnuts!

If you guys are wondering what is the relationship between the doughnuts and my hair? Well, let me tell you. There is absolutely positively no connection at all. Haha..

But I’m going to explain the issues of both topics.

I’ve been into curling my hair lately just because I wanted to make it look different.

The only thing is that my hair is really long so I have a hard time managing it, and of course curling it as well.

It takes about an hour to curl my whole entire hair, and it takes 30 minutes for my hair to start stretching out to its original state.

In other words my hair does not hold curls that long…..

Click to enlarge the photos:

Now, with the doughnuts!

Well, the first time I’ve tried this doughnut my taste buds completely fell in love with it...

It tastes so good and super yummy. It is just a sugar doughnut but there is something about this doughnut that tastes ridiculously delectable.

Krispy Kreme is by far one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten…that I actually like to continually devour…

I’ve been searching for it here in my vicinity, but I can’t find any…

It was through my sister’s husband, my brother in law, Mark Anthony Jimenez that my craving’s for this doughnut was cured. (Round of Applause People) ...My Family Rocks! LOL

Now, I am waiting for his next trip to manila so I can let him buy again…LOL
My sister is going to be sad yet again because her beloved husband is leaving for a short period of time...

But on the other hand…

I was thinking about me…It’s going to make me happy because I can once again eat the doughnuts of my dreams when he buys it…Whahahaha..I’m kidding..I’m kidding, but I’m really serious about the tastiness of these doughnuts….

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